Day 12: paradise in Ontario

  • Little D: We think you’re the White Witch! (with Emma grinning beside) after being told they couldn’t have the stroller while playing Narnia.

Today was heavenly.

We are staying with the lovely D & G and their four children in their quirky and charming house on four acres in the countryside in Carp/West Carleton outside Ottawa.

The two oldest kids went off to school while G went to work. J took the truck in for service which, praise God, is three miles down the road. M & the girls hung out with D and her two youngest all morning.

Doing laundry.

At least M did laundry. We didn’t pack four weeks of clothes for four people. We packed a week’s worth for four people. Unfortunately, C peed through more than half of her clothes and spilled food on the other half. Within a few days. Also unfortunately, we didn’t do a great cross-country weather check before we left. All we were focussing on was snow in Alberta. Here in Ontario it is summery – hot and lovely. But definitely not jeans and long-sleeves weather. So we have limited hot-weather options. Which means we wear a few things over and over. So we washed almost everything we brought.

J decided to jog back the few miles from the service shop. Except he ended up on the wrong road. The jog should have been about 3 miles. He ended up jogging for hours. He found a gas station and called the house so D could give him directions but he got to the point where he said to himself One more driveway. If it’s not that house I will call again or collapse. But God led him “home” and that last driveway was the right one. He tumbled in the house exhausted and a bit burnt but feeling pretty good actually. Working out all the driving kinks.

After the mountain of laundry and lunch, M took a nap with little C. A nap! What a treat.

E has found a soulmate in D & G’s four year old daughter. Little D is similarly spirited and strong-willed and only a few weeks older. They get along famously! The literally played together all day without nary a fight. Every now and then one would get bossy over the other, but the other would simply look back and ignore her. And the boss would give up the fight. The ran around the backyard, rode bikes, splashed in the pool, climbed the playground, dug in the sandbox, played Narnia, princesses, tea party, house, etc etc etc.


The energy expended was phenomenal. They are like two peas in a pod that finally found each other. It is very sweet! They even tried to go to bed together. Little D shares a room with her 1 ½ year old sister who fell asleep within a few minutes, exhausted by following our little C around. Little D and E tried their  very best to be quiet but finally, J had to go up and tell them again to go to sleep. Little D could barely keep her eyes open and asked him to take E away. I just want to go to sleep she said. Looks like E had the last word… except she told me that Little D was keeping her awake. Ha!

It turns out that D & G are friends with some of our friends that used to live in BC but now live out here. So T & L and their two kiddies are coming over tomorrow afternoon for a big ol’ BBQ in the beautiful sunshine.

After all the kids were in bed we enjoyed some wine and cheese and chatting before flopping into bed. And tomorrow is another day of rest and sunshine. Hooray!

  • Melodies: D put on some Loreena McKennit and G put on some great jazz in the evening.
  • Miles: J’s extra-long jog home and the many that E put in across the backyard with Little D.
  • Meals: were homemade and delicious
  • Meltdowns: zero!

4 responses

  1. Hi Maggie,
    What a great way to memorialize your trip – I’ve just enjoyed reading about your adventures so far – I still say you’re very brave!

    Love Auntie Heather

  2. Hello John and Maggie, Emma and Caelyn,

    It’s nice to hear that you have finnally reached our nation’s capital, and that you are spending time with the Torenvliets! The kids must be enjoying their break from carseats, and it’s always nice to get all caught up on the laundry!
    Say hello to Deb and Gerard from us, and maybe someday we’ll make it out to visit them as well. Their hospitality is well-known!
    Love, Opa and Oma

  3. I love reading your updates!! It reminds me of the shorter emails you sent when you, J & E went to Europe all that time ago…it’s so neat! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you were able to stay at Gerard and Debbie’s! Too bad your truck needed repairs, and hope the rest of your trip is trouble free. It looks like you are having a great time! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us all.

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