Day 13: just another day in paradise

Another lazy day… the girls played and the parents lazed. In the mid-afternoon T & L came over with their two kids and G came home from work and D came home with the kids from school. So then the kids ran and played around the sunny yard and the adults sat on the deck with beer.

The wonderful lack of tension and conflict between the girls has ended. They still played really well together but there were a couple of more intense disagreements then the day before. Then T & L’s 4 year-old showed up. He and little D are good friends and get along great. E hasn’t seen him since he was just a babe. And he too has a strong personality.

What was D going to do? Side with her old friend? Protect her new buddy? Go for the protection of the man? Stand beside her girl?

She stuck to E and the two of them ganged up on poor little M who didn’t really like it that much. After much spatting and chasing and yelling and fighting, they got their nervous energy out and eventually started to play nicely. That was only after the girls chased him across the lawn with foam swords, little D yelling, “Stop, in the name of Narnia!” and E yelling, “Stop! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

Poor little M didn’t know what hit him. Literally.

Especially when the little guy, who is an animal-lover (like father, like son!) found himself in a patch of poison ivy, sobbing. Not because of the poison-ivy. Because the cat had taken off to find shelter in the woods from many little grabby hands.

We played a spastic game of toilet tag, then G grilled up the hotdogs and hamburgers for the kids and whipped up some mussels for the adults. Delicious!

Mussels and beer and sunshine and good company… a great afternoon.

After the kids ate and played we put them in their PJs and set them up with a movie while we ate our dinner. G prepared great big steaks and baked potatoes, we drank wine, then we enjoyed some coffee and a cake that D had whipped up earlier in the afternoon.

Food is often whipped up in this house. Meals and snacks and coffee and beer come out of nowhere.

It’s awesome.

Then we flopped into bed exhausted after another day of hardcore relaxing. We head off to Montreal tomorrow to more family and relaxation and maybe some shopping (M is excited!)

  • Melodies: children’s laughter
  • Miles: toilet tag!
  • Meals: mussels and steaks and beer and cake, oh my!
  • Meltdowns: J-0/M-0/E-2/C-2

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