Day 16: magical city

After another lazy morning we finally got up to have a lazy breakfast. The girls mostly ate cereal but F made cream of wheat which we all enjoyed as well. Then we lazed around a bit more doing the packing, some reading, chatting and general relaxation. J also works whenever he gets the chance. The girls love the cats, Auntie J & F, Mx, and the house, so they were right at home. We finally got packed up and into the truck after a lovely piece of chocolate cake (and some leftovers for lunch). We headed down to the St. Lawrence River into the Parc Rapides where Auntie J and F got married last year. Another beautiful day on another beautiful walk. The girls spent most of the time running, jumping, climbing, doing whatever Mx was doing (E’s new hero) and generally having fun.

As we left the park J had little C on his shoulders and decided to go off the path right down by the river. E followed. So did a park ranger. There was some scolding, explaining, and threatening of a fine. But all was well and no harm was done. In fact, the “ranger” was actually part of an eco table that were talking about the, well, ecology of the park. They had a garter snake there that pet but didn’t hold and C looked at but didn’t pet. The funniest part was that the snake was constantly flicking its tongue in and out and as c stared at it she started to do it too! It was really funny. It’s surprising that she didn’t start hissing or slither around too…

We said our good-byes in the parking lot and headed off to Quebec City. The drive was short and sweet, about three hours, and the girls slept almost all of it. We arrived at the Manoir Victoria where M & J have stayed before. Being a long weekend, the city was crowded and busy with lights, people and street performers. Quite magical really! We watched one performer who was doing some acrobatics in a combination of circus, breakdance and capoeira moves. E squeezed right down in front and plunked herself between some strangers. When the performer spoke in French and the crowd cheered, she looked at us quizzically and shrugged. Then she said He is a very brave man! It was quite adorable. In typical Euro-style and because it was Saturday night of a long-weekend the restaurants and terraces were packed even at 9:30 pm when we finally found somewhere for dinner. The 1640 Bistro looks up to the Chateau Frontenac and had good food and crayons for kids and local beer. What more do you need?

E loves fairy castles, as she calls them, or beautiful buildings lit up like the Legislative Buildings in Victoria. So when we came around the corner to see the Frontenac, she was very happy. Even little C started saying Feh-wee! Tassol! It will be hard for them to appreciate the city as much as we have and do, especially since there will be alot of hot sun and walking involved, so we will have to be careful not to push them to hard. Or each other. Nerves can run thin these days. but when you are in a beautiful and enchanting place such as this it can help alleviate some of that.

We may have been exhausted but the city did not seem to go to sleep. We walked along the Terrace Dufferin for a bit before turning in a 1am – we’re going to get to church tomorrow if it kills us!

  • Melodies: Focus on the Family, Narnia: The Horse & His Boy
  • Miles: 165 (265 km)
  • Meals: cereal, cream of wheat, chocolate bundt cake, veal & gorgonzola ravioli and scallop & prawn stir-fry
  • Meltdowns: let’s just say lots even though it was a really good day.

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