Day 18: an old city and a new province… and another time zone

We allowed ourselves to sleep in again. This is one capital in which J didn’t have a meeting planned. We had forgotten that it was the long weekend when he tried to book it and it never panned out to being the next day instead. Instead, J would do some work in the morning while M could do some walking and shopping. And the kids? E was to hang out with dad and C was to go shopping with mom. But first, breakfast. We had great breakfasts at a cafe we had wanted to try the night before. The meals were tasty and hot except the homefries were a little overdone. Each plate came piled with fruit which little C happily made her meal of. The J went back to the hotel room with E to work and M went shopping with C. It was hot in town again. Even hotter than the day before.

Have we mentioned how our packing is grossly disproportionate towards cool weather clothing? Poor little C. She does not do well in the heat. And she tries to escape the glare of it by covering herself with booboo. Which only makes her hotter. She relished the air-conditioned stores and devoured the mango gelato mommy shared with her. In one store, she was so happy to be running around that she ended up behind a mirror and a store clerk, a trendily-dressed, platinum-coiffed, metro-sexual Francophone picked her up and started asking ladies in the store if she was theirs. Mom was only a few feet away but turned towards a shelf of purses on sale (she does have weaknesses).  The young man finally spotted M as C reached out to her, and he babbled away to her in French, patting her head and saying something about petite. That was all M understood. C just grinned and basked in the attention.

We kind of forgot about lunch since breakfast had been so late and rather big. Plus the gelato had filled in that hole. Back at the hotel we packed up and got it all into the lobby where we were to wait while J went to get the truck from the parking lot.  The thing about the Manoir is that while the hotel has an elevator up the rooms from the lobby, the lobby is about 22 stairs up from the front doors which are at street level. And there is no elevator. Happily the valets and bellboys had let up keep our buggy in the lower entrance while we ran in and our several times over the course of the days, and a kind young fellow who was there each day that we were helped us with the bags up when we had arrived.

As we were bringing the bags down the stairs, C started to go down on her own. Not too much of a problem as she had done it several times before. E decided to take her own suitcase down the stairs but realized it was too heavy and tried to set it town. It careened town the stairs, headed straight for C. M and J both realized this at the same moment; J yelled and M bolted towards C in an attempt to either pull her out of the suitcases path or stop the suitcase before it knocked her flying down the second half of the marble-like stairs.

As M reached out she lost her balance and slipped down the stairs but still tried to head in C’s general direction to block the oncoming suitcase or at least break C’s fall. She managed to get some of her body below little C (who didn’t even realize what was happening) so when the suitcase finally hit her she didn’t go anywhere but just got a squished arm and a bit of a bonk on the head. M ended up with bruised shins, shocked joints and a scraped ankle. The pink Hello Kitty suitcase simply smiled on at us, unaware of the serious harm it could have inflicted. Little C was also unaware of how bad it could have been and upon looking up and seeing her mommy almost in tears and rubbing her shins, she crawled over and kissed her scraped ankle.

Magic moments…

The girls fell asleep promptly upon leaving the old town so J and M stopped at Presse-Cafe for sandwiches to go. They were really good for sandwiches, especially the roasted vegetable one. We also splurged on two pain au chocolates, one of M’s most favourite things. And these too were really good. Really, really good.

The drive to Fredericton was almost 6 hours and the girls slept a good part of it. We stopped  somewhere for gas, coffee and bagels so the girls could get in their PJs and stretch. Then it was still another 3 hours to Fredericton. The girls watched Ratatouille and then fell asleep on the rest of the drive through New Brunswick. New Brunswick is truly new territory for us. Every other place was familiar one or both of us, but neither of us have been to NB. The highway takes one right along the US border with Maine.  It’s a shame that we drove into town at night just because it is nice to see the lay of the land as you come in. However, we got to the Fredericton Inn after midnight and collapsed into bed.

  • Melodies: Narnia: The Horse & His Boy
  • Miles: 370 (600 km)
  • Meals: eggs and fruit and toast and great coffee at , sandwiches from Presse-Cafe, bagel at Tim Hortons
  • Meltdowns: a few again… keeping track isn’t easy anymore

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  1. Had a good laugh about the suitcase episode…you described it beautifully, although I’m sure it was pretty scary.

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