Day 22: Land of Sand

After a hotel continental in New Glasgow we headed to the Caribou/Wood Island ferry over to PEI. It was a small ferry and only about 80 minutes long to cross. We pulled onto PEI and immediately noticed the red dirt. The Visitor Centre gave us maps on all the different drives to take and we headed into Charlottetown.

What a beautiful place! The dirt is very red, especially on the south shore, and the land is gently rolling hills and farms dotting the hillsides. The fields are striking because of the mix of lush greenery and red dirt. And the dandelions! There were literally millions of dandelions, fields and meadows full of dandelions. It was very interesting because there would be a field covered in ones that have gone to seed and then the next field would be a sea of yellow. And yet the next field would be a healthy mix of both. Strange and beautiful.

Charlottetown is another small but bustling and cute capital city. Lots of old buildings, a waterfront, a shopping district, cathedrals, parks. There seems to be a formula for a Canadian capital. They are the historic preservation of the province; in Charlottetown’s case, the country, since it is considered the birthplace of confederation.

We had a late lunch at Piazza Joe’s and the girls got mini magnadoodles to play with while we ate. E decided it looked just like a waiter’s notepad and pretended she was a waiter for the rest of the afternoon. C followed suit. Only  instead of asking what we would like to order like E did, C would just look up with her big brown eyes and wait patiently, little magnet pen poised to scribble some uncrackable code. They really are adorable players. M had actually fallen asleep just upon arriving in Charlottetown and J left her in the truck when he took the girls into the restaurant. M awoke, disoriented and alone, and looked around until she noticed J waving at her from the restaurant window.

We booked ourselves into the local Best Western for two nights as our server had recommended it and said that he’d seen them doing renovations and just that morning bringing in brand new beds. J took the girls swimming so M could have another nap (gotta get that sleep where we can!) and then we headed back out for a late dinner and to explore the city on a Friday night. It wasn’t very busy but there were handfuls of people out and about enjoying the lights and the restaurants. The further we get from Central Canada the colder it gets although it was still pretty mild. We ate dinner at the Maple Grill where the good was excellent and the girls were not. Well, they weren’t terrible but they definitely need some more sleep! So that’s where we took them, to bed.

  •  Melodies: don’t remember any!
  • Miles: 72 (115 km)
  • Meals: hotel continental, seafood calzone and KD at Piazza Joe’s, lamb chops and Cornish hen at the Maple Grill
  • Meltdowns: not too many

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