Day 25: a long ferry and a longer drive

The ferry ride was gentle and soothing and even with the loudspeaker wake up call the girls didn’t wake up. J felt a bit sick when he awoke but we decided to have breakfast on board. It was a delicious buffet with more choices and especially more fruit (to little C’s delight) than a hotel continental. The weather outside Port-aux-Basques harbour was nasty and we circled the mouth of it for an hour before making it to port. It afforded us a more relaxed breakfast than we’ve had in a while and time for some play and even a nap for mom (who has a hard time falling asleep).

When we got off the boat and onto The Rock, we started driving. It’s a full day of driving to make it to St. John’s and we only stopped for a coffee and bathroom break or meal. The scenery is similar to coastal BC and northern Ontario. When you see the craggy rocks and evergreen forests and bays and lakes you feel as if you’ve come full circle somehow. Also, the weather is cold, rainy, foggy, windy, and probably even more miserable than Vancouver. The wind whips bitterly and chills you in an instant. You want nothing more than to be back in the warmth and safety of PT, snugly the master of your little domain.

The girls slept most of the day, making up for the night before. We listened to the rest of The Silver Chair and started The Last Battle before we got to St. John’s, only we couldn’t finish it. A little more listening for the flight home…

We stopped for lunch in Corner Brook at Jungle Jim’s. It was a filling and tasty meal and the girls had a hoot with their tiki mask menus. Dinner came late at night, around 9pm, when we finally found a place and one that was open. It was a diner that had not much food left but had delicious soup which warmed us up. Then it was the final hour to St. John’s and our home for three days, a one bedroom apartment on the second walk-up level of a blue clapboard house in town. Adorably quirky buildings seem to be the houses we like to stay in (think of D & G’s and Auntie J & F’s) except this one belongs to neither friend nor family, will not have meals or snacks whipped up (unless M gets so inclined…), and doesn’t have the benefit of any playmates for E or C. But it is our cute little home nonetheless. Given the miserable state of the weather, you can be sure we’re not planning on spending two days wandering around the city by foot, so a home for us to relax in between the rain and the exploring is welcome.

And so off to our little beds at last!

  • Melodies: Narnia: Silver Chair & The Last Battle, Def Leppard
  • Miles: 560 (900 km)
  • Meals: MV Atlantic Vision buffet, Jungle Jim’s, some diner in the dark
  • Meltdowns: none. All day sleeping in the PT does the mood good!

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