Day 26: PT’s new home

This is such a great town. But did we see it today? No, not really We slept in of course! Then we walked (in the whipping wind) down a few blocks (and a steep hill) to Cora’s for breakfast.

Oh delicious breakfast, we have been dreaming of you since Day 1! Chocolate brioche smothered in fresh fruit anda bowl full of latte. Divine! (This would be funnier if you’ve watched Scrubs and imagined Molly singing…)

Then J took the PT for a wash and a meeting (not delivery though) and the girls headed back to out little house. On the way we went to Gingersnap, a modern kid store with toys and clothes. The girls had a blast playing and the proprieter is incredibly friendly. We had bought some things in this store last time we were here in the fall. Then we headed back to the house for a nap.

oh sweet sleep how we love you!

J’s meeting was well and when he got back he unloaded the last few items floating around. Then we got ready for dinner. The deliveree of the PT invited us to his house for a home cooked meal and happily he has a three-year old. So we arrived in Topsail (sounds like a Thomas the Tank Engine name) and enjoyed beautiful sunshine on the bay for they have a view of the ocean.

Oh wait, most of the villages and towns and people have ocean front property here. One is either on the coast, of which they have a lot, or up on a cliff or hill overlooking the coast.

But it was a beautiful view nonetheless, with the evening sun sparkling on the water and beaming into the kitchen. This was no quirky old fishing village house. This is a newer and well renovated house with rooms everywhere. The family was absolutely lovely and the three-year took to the girls (and they to him) with nary a fight. This little boy had rooms full of playthings and the girls were in play heaven once again. The wife is expecting in a few weeks but nevertheless made us one of the most delicious supper we have ever had. Family recipe seafood chowder, delicious roast with delicious potatoes and delicious beans, wine, and chocolate lava cake for dessert, the best chocolate-lava-cake-with-a-hint-of-mint-and-vanilla-ice-cream that there ever was.

Oh my.

We were absolutely stuffed. Horror of horrors, M actually left TWO BITES OF CHOCOLATE LAVE CAKE ON HER PLATE. She was that full. Oh how badly she wanted to finish it but there really wasn’t any more room. None! That has never happened before.

When we finally left and tumbled into bed it was quite late. That would be our last ride in the PT except for J’s delivery tomorrow.

Farewell, good and shiny friend! You have served us well and safely. Be off to your new home and be good to your sherriffs. Take care of your inmates and enjoy your long range travels in this land of rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and trees and rocks and plenty of water.


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  1. We’re so glad everything went well and you arrived safely at your destination. What a great trip you’ve had – thanks for sharing it with us!

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