Finally unpacking

Ah, it feels good to be home. In our new home, that is! We finally have moved in and are settling down and loving it. The piles of boxes are “neatly” stacked in each new room, or perhaps even all unpacked, as in the playroom. Furniture sits and lies at awkward angles all around, awaiting bits of wall and floor to claim. Random piles of random things pop up randomly as things come out of those neatly stacked boxes and find new homes in new drawers, cupboards and cabinets.

And the allergies set in…

We have moved from our fairly urban townhouse neighbourhood to a fairly urban subdivision which back onto a hay-field. So it the best of both worlds. Walk out the front door to Starbucks and groceries, sit on the back deck with a view of farms and mountains. Unfortunately, this is peak allergy season. So add that to the dust raised from moving, the stress of coming home from a month away and suddenly moving, and the lack of sleep, and we have a recipe for major allergies. E broke out into sneezing and puffy eyes this week. Even my nose and eyes are a little itchier than usual. Poor thing was so puffed up the doctor said she had “allergy shiner”, which looks exactly like it sounds – a puffy eye which somewhat resembles a shiner except that it’s less purple. She’s on antihistamine nasal spray and eye drops with a dose of Claritan thrown in every now and then for good measure. It’s definitely settled down and she’s sleeping better so that seems to be helping. Time will tell if the hay fields prove to be more of a problem though… they sure are pretty to have behind you, better than a lane or other yards and houses!

We just got the internet and computer set up today so it will still be awhile before we can sort and post the rest of the trip pictures. I realize the whole Maritimes are missing! Thanks to all you regular readers of the travelogue, hope we helped you feel united to your country, if a little vicariously.

I’m going to go unpack something…


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