Vacation Bible School

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church, so it’s a busy one for us. We’re up and out of the house before we normally are out of bed on regular days, and home after lunch time famished and exhausted. Last week included a day at board meetings, two dinners out with board members, a Canada Day BBQ, a birthday BBQ, a kids kids birthday party, and three Vacation Bible School meetings/decorating times. Phew! We are pooped. From travelling to moving to cleaning to planning to partying to meeting to schooling… I am really looking forward to some down time next week.

However, last week also included some wonderful birthday wishes and some fun birthday gifts and toys for me, including a portable iPod speaker dock (yay!), a red cake stand (double yay!), new Wilton cake pans (triple yay!) and a new vacuum (quadruple yay!)

Yes, the vacuum gets the most yays. I used to detest vacuuming. We had a central vac in our townhouse and it was adequate. I consoled myself by remembering that the main floor was less than 700 sq. ft and most of it was covered in furniture. This house is a different story. Twice as much room, same amount of furniture. So the main floor is bigger and emptier. And since we now have a yard, it’s dustier too. So the vacuuming has to happen more often than it did before. But now, vacuuming is not just a chore, it’s fun! Thanks to my new Dyson Ball.


Yeah, baby. It’s a beautiful red sucking machine. It is cleaning glory in one of its highest forms. I now LOVE to vacuum. The funny thing for me is that last weekend I got a bottle of Lavender Vacuum Beads free at a garage sale. I’m assuming I can use them in my Dyson, I haven’t tried yet. But a fun vacuum coupled with a heavenly scent? I might vacuum every day!

Please don’t quote me on that…


Have you got a vacuum you love? What about vacuum beads? Ever tried them?


2 responses

  1. Oh Mags, that’s fantastic…I remember when I got my green vacuum about 3 years ago…now I can’t remember if it’s Eureka or Dirt Devil, but I STILL LOVE IT. It was cheap ($160 I think?), but it’s the first vacuum I’ve owned that gets Saoirse’s hair off the computer chair. AND it’s GREEN! LOL I know the feeling of loving the vacuum…the urge to use it wears off eventually, but it’s less of a chore now! 😉

    Hope to see you soon!

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