Good-bye, thumb…

Little C has stopped sucking her thumb. And it makes me very sad. She been a thumb-sucker since about 2 or 3 months and for a while there around her second birthday and on our big trip, she was a thumb-sucker almost all the time. She really needed the comfort to soothe her from all the instability we were imposing on her little life. But I just noticed the other day that she doesn’t even suck it at night anymore to go to sleep.

It’s just one of those things that passes by and when you realize it, you realize that time has passed. She’s getting bigger and smarter and braver. She doesn’t use one word anymore, she used 2 and 3 and 4. She makes jokes now. She can get on the potty herself. She can jump. She is too long for the playpen. She will approach a small dog or cat on her own for a pet.

It’s also part oft he reason she’s probably been so miserable going to bed lately. The late light, new routine of a new home, sleeping in a playpen (the crib is broken and we’re getting bunk beds soon), advancing verbally at an astonishing rate… she doesn’t settle as easily as she used too. In fact last night she almost fell asleep in my arms. She’s still such a peanut that to rock and cuddle her is pretty easy. And she still loves her boo-boo (pink blanket). And she is only two.

So now I miss that sleepy sucking sound when she would snuggle the blanket against her face with her little clenched fist. I miss that E would say, “Unsuck you sum!” I miss that she would try to suck both thumbs at once and then laugh. I miss that I could tell her to put her thumb in her mouth when she was upset. I miss the salivia-coated little flat thumb that is a different shape than the other one.

I love you, Caeley-Baeley!

thumb-sucking on the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland


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