Hello teeth!

Well, last time I talked about little C’s thumb-sucking disappearing. She still occasionally sucks it but mostly as a “joke” or if I’m trying to get her to calm down or sleep in the car. Generally she’s done with it. It really coincides with her constant talking. She has even started the “Why?” question. “Caelyn, don’t touch that.” “Whyeee?” Cute and annoying all at once.

And as her babyishness turns into toddlerness, E’s babysishness/toddlerness is completely gone. She is a little girl. How do I know? Moms just know these things. It could also be that her first adult molars erupted last month too. Oh, but did we notice? No. Did she? No. J was brushing her teeth the other night and was counting her teeth. And lo and behold, new teeth! They usually don’t arrive until around six years old but E’s never been one to follow the typical milestone timeline now, has she? She had all of her primary teeth before she was two (as did little C). We don’t have three-year molars in this house, we have full-sets of chompers by the time the second birthday rolls around (all the better to eat cake with).

And as I flip over another page on the calendar to mark the August long weekend, I am reminded that summer is now half over. What? Where did it go? It feels like it just began. That’s probably due to the unpacking and organizing and decorating and such we’ve been doing. In past summers we’ve spent a lot of days at the park or the beach. This year we’ve spent a lot of time at home. But that’s ok, we love it here! And honestly, a day spent organizing the newly painted garage was just as exciting to me as heading off the beach. I hope I’m not always like that…


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