Enjoying a lazy summer

No, I don’t blog regularly. Never really have. Except for that month long trip. Basically, we’re just lazing around, enjoying summer in our new house. We’ve done lots of fun things our and about but mostly we just hang around at home, playing, cooking, rearranging things, and chilling out. There’s lots to share about our interior decorating and lots to get rid of (consignments stores and Salvation Army, here we come!) But right now we’re just having fun. Routine will pick up when September.

Lots of pics to share too, but again, I’m really just too lazy right now to get them up, so there’ll be lots later. C’s taken with her slippers lately. One pair is zippers so that’s easy for her to put on the. Other pair is a lovely leather pair with laces which she puts on then sticks her foot up and says, “Die it, holp me, mommy”. So adorable. She’s got new works almost daily right now. Lately it’s been phrases like, “Watch dis, watch me!”, “Evereewheere!”, and “Yes it is, no dey don’t.”

E’s the playing queen right now. Queen of Duplo, Queen of stickers, Queen of Playmobil, Queen of pretend, Queen of water toys… she’s just happy to play, play and more play lately.

We’ve been to Whistler, a Blueberry Festival, Cirque du Soleil, E.T. outdoors, Dinotown, and a waterfall lately. We’re heading to the NW Washington Fair & Casting Crowns, the PNE and Cultus for camping. And our backyard. And playroom. And kitchen. And it’s pretty good to just chill. Thank you, God, for giving us time and place to just be.

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