Snapshot of the Last Month

I saw this on SortaCrunchy and thought it was a neat idea. As I’ve said (several times) before, I’m an inconsistent blogger. I just can’t find the time to be regular about it when there are so many other things on the plate. That being said, here’s a glimpse into what’s happening.

On My Nightstand: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea – no kidding. It’s been years since I read this and I am loving it. The last time I read it was in a bathtub and I dropped it. In the water. How appropriate. Also reading a book about modern-day thriftiness. Has some great ideas and recipes. More of a browser than a cover to cover page-turner.

Want To Read: Something from my bookshelf. We have lots and lots of books that haven’t been read yet or in a long time. Something by Tim Kimmel maybe, or Margaret Atwood, or maybe C.S. Lewis. Many choices. Plus want to find out more about Mothering magazine (a friend raved about it).

TV Worth Watching: I’m not really watching much TV these days as we don’t have cable. The few public channels we get have been unwatched since we moved in. I guess hockey starts soon. We finished all episodes of Battlestar Galactica but have the original series to watch. So maybe that will be rainy night viewing. As an aside, we just saw one of the BSG actors in a local Shakespeare play. Alessandro Juliani played Henry V. And it was awesome.

Movie I’ve Seen (in or out of the theater): We’ve recently watched Premonition (alright), Inception (good), G.I. Joe (terrible), Young Victoria (nice), Becoming Jane (beautiful), W. (interesting), and I’ve watched a bunch of old Katherine Hepburn films. Hands down, Katherine Hepburn wins my vote. That lady could act!

In My Kitchen: I’ve been experimenting with a lot of recipes lately but all of a sudden I’m craving comfort food – must be the fall weather. We’ve had Ikea meatballs twice (just love em!), manicotti, tortellini, homemade pizza (C’s favourite food in the world right now), and a couple of BBQs. Best sweet of the month was The Pioneer Woman’s pineapple upside down cake but made with prune plums. Oh. Yes. It is good. Beware the butter. Also, prune cake. Don’t despair the prunes! It is delicious. I’ve made it twice and nearly ate both of them by myself. Please go out and buy yourself some prunes and make this cake. You might want to beware the butter again though. Maybe only make one of these cakes this month. But please do make one of them. And then make the other one next month. Or just toss it all and make them both for Thanksgiving and forget the turkey. (kidding!)

In My Ears: Addison Road, Plumb, Sanctus Real, Casting Crowns, Jamie Soles. Look ’em up on iTunes. You won’t be sorry.

Places we went: Apple Day at a local historic farm with the kids;  a weekend in Fairhaven for our 7 year anniversary. What a lovely village! We’ll be back there.

Looking forward to going: nowhere! Maybe we’ll have a month with no travelling. That would be awesome.

What I’m Looking Forward to this Month: ummmmmm, slowing down.  Pumpkin carving, roasting a turkey in my own kitchen for the first time, piles of leaves, starting to teach piano to Emma, starting The Truth Project with a new Bible Study group.

NOW then.  Your turn!  What are YOU into this month?  Fill up the comment space or borrow this for inspiration on your own blog.


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