Finished children’s artwork collages

I finished the girls’ artwork collages weeks ago but we’ve been down and out with a nasty, nasty infection. I’m talking 5 days of absolute misery and lethargy. I don’t think I have ever been hit so hard by a sickness that lasted so long. It’s was probably worse being pregnant because I couldn’t really take anything to soothe my unbelievable sore throat or congested sinuses, not to mention the absolute lack of energy I had. E’s been sick for over a week, but has been getting steadily better since Tuesday or Wed. Which, conveniently, is when C got sick. I spent Fri-Tues laying on the couch or in bed, moving as little as possible. I’m not a big anti-biotic person; we rarely go to the doctor unless it’s serious. We try natural methods at home like lemon, honey, ginger, steam, yogurt, vitamins – things to ease symptoms and boost immune systems. But this time it was serious, so we’re on the anti-b’s. Hopefully you will not get this too! It’s some sort of chest infection with the accompanying raw throat. The doctor said he’s seen or heard of literally hundreds of people out with the thing (mind you, he works in a clinic next to a hospital in an area of town known for its massive population of seniors). Thankfully, I’m getting some energy back. Y’all, I was so sick I didn’t even have energy to look at my computer for five days. Thank goodness for my ipod in bed! And my amazing husband who took care of me and the kids and the food.

Anyway, here are the pics of our collages, printed and framed:

Total cost: less than $5 plus a few hours of scanning (and admiring)

Yeehaw! I might still paint the frames, but for now they’re just right. I had them printed at Staples on plain white cardstock for about $4.80 and then just trimmed them; they are a little under 11×17 so they were a standard print size.

And just for fun, a picture of my girls and their robot:

Who says girls can’t play Lego? (or Duplo…)


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