Girls’ room: wallpaper

With baby on the way in under three months, the nesting is going strong. It’s probably also a combination of spring fever – I have an intense desire to GTD (Get Things Done). Most of the Things are projects which involve decisions of colour and pattern of fabric, paint, wallpaper etc. Most of them involve a sewing machine (which I don’t own), a staple gun (which I’ve borrowed), entire walls (which haven’t been prepped yet). So it feels a bit like crunch time. Oh wait. That’s the taxes calling…

Choosing wallpaper for a feature wall in the girls’ room hasn’t been easy. There are some beautiful prints out there, but there is also a lot of not so beautiful. And there is also a huge range in price and materials. This is the look that inspired what I want to do in their room:

Photo courtesy Style at Home

Our girls don’t have hardwood/painted floor (boring beige carpet) or black iron beds (matching pink Ikea beds) but they do share a room and I love the happy, almost cartoon-like wallpaper. It’s whimsical and grown-up at the same time. Plus I want walls that aren’t too little girl. I don’t want to redo them in a few years! Let’s hope for five plus years before they want a tween room (I shudder to think about those years…)

The wallpaper above is from the Unikko print from Marimekko, a Finnish company that happens to have a new store in Vancouver. It’s also available in fabric among other things and comes in these colours:

Aren’t they all lovely? The only catch is that the wallpaper is around $150 a roll. And I need four rolls. I love my girls but that’s just way over my budget. On the bright side, when I was in HomeSense yesterday they had a brand new display of their spring stuff out and there was a table of Marimekko dishes – cups, plates, trays etc. I think my patio will have a new look this spring!

Marimekko also has this one which I love:

Lumimarja by Marimekko

But again it’s expensive. Even if it’s available locally without shipping. $1000 for one wall? I’m not there…

So then I found this wallpaper:

Albany Wowee FD14864

It’s not quite the same but it’s a pretty print. A lovely poppy-design for about $25 a roll. Reasonable? Yes. Available? Only from the UK. So the shipping costs more than the paper. Worth it? Not sure…

But then I came across this:

Amy Butler Memento in Sunset from Graham & Brown

And I’m smitten. Isn’t is beautiful? It’s lovely and feminine and whimsical and grown-up and the right colours and not too busy and all the things I want. It’s $85 a roll but is available in North America.

Honestly I have seen next to nothing else that suits what I’m after for their room. And I can’t choose paint, curtains, or window seat fabric until we’ve picked the wallpaper. What to do? We want walls that we are going to love, not hate every time we see them. We want the girls to love them and we want quality without being extravagant.

Decisions, decisions… hopefully we’ll make it soon. What do YOU think?


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  1. have you seen any of the wall decals? I can’t find the exact link on etsy, but I saw a room done with this pattern but in the vinyl decals (she did them in a grey on a white wall…looked amazing, but they had all sorts of different colors): and it looked amazing. Like wallpaper and very reasonably priced.

    I do like how on the link above she shows examples with them painted. the metallic paints look so cool! Can’t wait to see the finished product, bet it will look amazing no matter what you do!

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