A new toy for me

I finally did it. I bought a sewing machine. Well, actually I bought two, but I’m returning one. That’s what happens when I get excited about something before finishing all the research. I went into a store last week, tested a machine, it was on sale, so I bought it. Then I brought it home and when J and I “talked” about it we ended up having a heated discussion because I had gone over budget. All because I got excited and didn’t fully do my research… sigh.

Then I did a bit more research, found a demolition sale and a liquidation of new machines, called my mom (who knows machines and has been sewing for decades) and we went to the sale. The entry-level Janome SUV1108 was on sale and only slightly over our budget. So came home, talked it over with J, and went back today to buy one.

Then I went to Value Village to browse around because my first project is to recover some cushions for the girls’ window bench. I bought a couple of small cushions and even found a tablecloth that will make perfect covers. Yay for thrifty! I haven’t sewn in a very long time so I figured pillow covers (straight, no curves) with a simple zipper made from thrifted material would be a good start. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I do one.

Even E got excited about the prospect of mama being able to make things. Like doll clothes. Except she wants clothes for her Transformers.

Handmade home and domestic sewing bliss, here I come.



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