Preparing for Easter: Resurrection Eggs

In less than two weeks we will celebrate one of the most significant events in the history of the world and in our Christian faith: Easter. This season and holiday is a solemn yet joyous occasion and is one of my favourite times of the year.

But how do you find the true meaning of it amidst the bunnies, chocolate, baskets, and sales?

It’s easy to celebrate Christmas when you’re a Christian because it seems like the whole world is celebrating something magical and wonderful and spiritual despite the commercialism it is steeped in. But Easter is seemingly more and more about the commercial now and the historical events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday are lost and forgotten. At Christmas, almost everyone seems to know Christmas carols that speak of the baby Jesus. But at Easter, nobody sings Easter carols outside of church. You don’t hear familiar Easter carols on every radio station.

So how do we make it exciting and look forward to it with anticipation? With our two girls, we were looking for ways to make the countdown to Easter a bit like the countdown to Christmas. A few years ago I discovered Resurrection Eggs and have used them each year since. They are a fun, bright, hands-on way to tell the Easter story to children. We do them one each day leading up to Easter (meaning we started yesterday).

from Family Life Today

I’ll be posting each day about our Resurrection Egg devotional time and will be sure to have pictures and links so that you too can try this with your kids.

And most importantly, remember to pray for and with your children. For all of the teaching and time in the world can only truly make a difference when covered in prayer.

Have a blessed day!


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