Waiting and wiggling

My baby has lost her first teeth. Actually, she lost them quite awhile ago now (Jan 11), but I only got around to posting about it now because she has two more that are getting ready to go!

E has always been an early teether. She got her first teeth around 3 months, had all of her baby teeth before she turned 2, got her 6 year molars when she was 4, and lost her first 2 just before she turned 5. Whew! The crazy thing with her always has been that she never really complains. We didn’t realize she was getting teeth until they appeared. It was especially shocking the last few times when her adult molars came in. Those are big teeth and she never mentioned anything about pain or suffering at all!

The teeth she lost in January were her 2 bottom middle teeth. What actually happened is her adult teeth started growing in behind her baby teeth, which weren’t getting wiggly:

Actually, in this photo you can see she has three sets of molars too. The ones in the very back are adult molars.

I brought her to the dentist a few weeks later. He took a look at her mouth and then turned to me and said, “Well, we should pull the baby ones. Since you’re already here, I can do it now. I have time and then you don’t have to come back for it.”

I got emotional. I did not expect to get emotional. But she’s my first-born… my first baby… and this is the first real physical evidence of losing babyhood… besides the growing up, the talking, the learning to read… somehow this was something I hadn’t expected to matter to me. But it did. So I had to take a deep breath and prepare E for the extraction.

“Ok, E, the dentist is going to have to pull out the baby teeth. It won’t hurt because he’s going to put a freezing medicine on them, ok?” I was holding her hand. “I’ll stay right here and hold your hand the whole time.”

E was watching the TV in the ceiling. She glanced at me, clearly torn between the TV and listening to mommy.

“Ok. Can I have the headphones please? I can’t hear the TV.”

That’s my girl. Didn’t cause her any anxiousness at all. She slipped on her headphones and opened her mouth. She flinched in the slightest when the freezing set in, but didn’t notice when the dentist pulled the teeth. Just watched her show. The dentist has mentioned before how much they love kids like this…

I am not trying to be smug about it. C is not nearly so relaxed about doctors and dentists as E is. C will see a nurse with a needle and start to cringe. They have been raised the same, exposed to the same things – I believe in taking my kids with me to the dentist and doctor, midwife, to blood tests, etc. They have never feared the offices or the tests, but there is something in personality that dictates the level of anxiety in these situations and places. E takes very well to healthcare. C isn’t bad but definitely needs mommy to be there, right beside her, telling her it’s ok.

Anyway, the dentist popped the teeth into a little keepsake box for me and we went home. That night E was going to a friends house for a little bit while J played volleyball and I was out with C. She asked me if she could take her teeth and I told her no because I didn’t want her to lose them or for the other kid to be grossed out. However, J apparently didn’t get the memo because he brought her teeth along. Ok fine. Just show your friend and let dad put them back in the car. Yeah, right.

E took her little box with her into her friend’s room. Where they played. Drew pictures. Jumped on the bed. And lost one of the teeth… sigh… I felt bad for the poor kid who probably rolled over it in her bed at night. Or her poor mom who would find it while changing the sheets… but it never turned up. So I only got to save one.

My solace is that she lost 2 at the same time so we still have one. And the next ones to come out should be ones that she actually wiggles out on her own.

Love you, E!


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  1. Thanks for posting this. My son is 4 and has complained of tooth pain on the back side of his jaw. I haven’t figured out for the life of me what it was but maybe like your E, his 6 year molars are coming in early…
    I’m always looking for resources to take better care of my son. Came across this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/). It’s got very practical tips for every age – works for me since I have a newborn too. Hope it’ll be useful to you as well.

    • I haven’t updated my posts, but it’s pretty crazy that she has now lost 5 teeth in the last 6 months! She’s only 5 1/5! My 4 month old also has 4 teeth, so it’s something in the genes…

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