I love nursing

No, I am not a nurse. I am talking about breastfeeding. I love it. I love to do it. I love to see it. I love what it does for me and my babies.

When I had E, I knew I wanted to breastfeed and do it for the 6 months that is recommended and then “see what happens”. I didn’t know it would be so hard at first. I didn’t know anything about pumping (although I had a pump). I read all the requisite books and information and then had a rough start in the hospital and at home. But when we finally got it, we got it. And she nursed for almost a year. Because what I didn’t know was how much I would enjoy it. I started to do a lot of reading and research on breastfeeding – everything from La Leche League to Marsupial Mamas to babywearing to nursing tanks to pumping and storing to how the bod actually makes milk. In the words of Anna Leonowens and the King “etcetera etcetera etcetera!”

Then I had C. And right from birth when they plunked her on my chest, she looked in my eyes and started very gently rooting. I was ecstatic! I tried to get her on right there. But she was a gentler, less hurried soul. She still is!  When she did get going, she also nursed for almost a year. And it was wonderful.

Then there’s Mr. T. Within minutes of getting skin to skin after birth, he found what he was looking for, opened up, and latched on. Completely natural, normal and instinctual. And I guess because I’m at it for the third time and the girls can occupy themselves, I enjoy it even more.

But as a first time mom, I was into discreet nursing. Nursing tanks and clothes, hooter hiders, parent rooms. The second time around, it was a little less awkward and there were more situations where I didn’t feel the need to cover up. This time, anything goes! I’m a busy mom. Except for certain places and with certain people, I don’t have time to fuss with nursing covers or feeding in another room if I’m not at home. As one mom of three told me, “I had to nurse him in my carrier while shopping in Costco. I’m a busy mom. I don’t have time to even sit and do it.” Some days, that’s what it’s like. My kids are 5 1/2, 3 1/2, and 3 1/2 weeks. It’s a busy household.

At home it’s my downtime, my cuddle time, my feet up time. And he’s such a laid back dude that he can nurse to sleep and not wake for up a few hours. It’s pretty blissful…

Anyway, the point of this post is not to make anyone feel guilty about their nursing experience. It was actually prompted by this which I read the other day on omyfamilyblog.com – thank you, Allison, for your post! So appreciate it.

What are your thoughts on nursing?


3 responses

  1. I loved nursing too, although I had so much milk I often thought it would be wonderful to nurse twins – one on each side at the same time. Bliss! But all the moms of twins I knew told me I was crazy, and they never nursed them at the same time. I still think I would have found a way.
    I’m glad nursing is going so well for you, as it did for me. We have to watch that we don’t intimidate moms who don’t have such an easy time though. To us it seems so much better/easier/cheaper/convenient/safer…. the list goes on and on. Formula stinks/is expensive/messy/full of chemicals/too easy to overfeed… we can say all kinds of nasty things, but the fact is that some moms need it, and many babies grow up perfectly healthy and happy on it. I’m just glad that I wasn’t one of those moms, and don’t want to discourage them either.
    I’m glad nursing is going so well for you!

    • I don’t have copious quantities of milk, I actually take herbs and pump to get my supply up and did for my girls too. I agree with you about formula – I know that it’s necessary for some people and I in no way want to make it sound like I’m better than someone who uses formula or make formula users feel guilty! Everyone has to make their own decisions and yes, sometimes babies can’t get what they need from mom. I’m just so thrilled that breastfeeding us really recognized in North American now as best for babies and recommended for the first two years – I would have gone longer with both girls but I also let them lead when it came to weaning. They both lost interest around the year mark. Maybe Mr. T will be different? I hear boys tend to be mommy-sucks for longer 🙂

  2. Hi Maggie,

    I’m so glad it’s going well for you. I have to agree – nursing is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. I feel a bit sorry for dads that they can’t ever experience that special feeling that comes along with it.

    Hope to see you soon.

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