He laughs

Mr. T laughed on Tuesday, once for J and once for me. But we can’t get him to do it anymore! He definitely has the biggest smiles of any of our kids though. His entire face smiles and he opens his mouth so big it’s hilarious. His coos need less coaxing and he is the sleeping champ. Who could ask for anything more?

We spent the weekend in Smithers at J’s family reunion. It’s halfway up BC so we did a two-day roadtrip there and back:

They ar watching Pocoyo on my iPod. And yes, they are wearing matching outfits. I’m cheesy like that.

Despite the rain each day, we had a good time connecting with “long-lost” cousins and getting to know their kids.The girls were in play heaven. There was a trampoline and sandpit at the farm, endless field to run, tether ball, bubbles, crafts, ATV rides, chairlift up the ski hill, cute town, pony ride, mountains of food, campfires and smores, and piles and piles of cousins to play with. If I didn’t check in with E I probably wouldn’t have seen her all day long. C needs a little more support and would come find me every so often for a hug or a chat or some help. Smithers is a cute little town in the mountains to which I’d never been. J’s been there a few times since he has family up there. It was a great weekend and because there were so many willing arms, we got a break from Mr. T too (who really isn’t much trouble to begin with) and had quite a relaxing weekend. Tons of food of course and tons of rain, but we were in a camper (the variety of RVs was amazing…). The farm has a big outdoor shelter which was used for meals, a fire pit plus several propane fires, a few porta-potties, and countless aunts, uncles and cousins to chat with.

This week we went to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game with Mr. T:

What a beautiful night to be out! We left in the 9th inning (Vancouver was kicking butt) and headed to Kits to catch the fireworks. Then last night we saw Sarah McLachlan with the VSO and took Mr. T again – what a cultured boy already! Good thing he loves to nurse and sleep. Not one person made a negative comment about having a baby at that concert. In fact, everyone was just oohing and ahing. Several couples commented that they missed their own baby at home with a babysitter. A few pregnant ladies commented on how they would, after seeing us, feel comfortable taking their babies out. And I ran into some old colleagues for a few minutes. Oh yeah, did I mention that the concert was fantastic?

I’ll try to get around to posting pictures soon as well as some more regular blogging. I have lots of draft posts and interesting ideas, just need time to do it!

Then again, E & C start school in September. E’s in kindergarten (yikes!) and C’s in preschool. Amazing!

Here’s a common sight in Smithers. Enjoy!

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