Quick update

Has it really been that long since I last wrote? Well, yes it has. Lots has happened since. LOTS. We are also very busy right now. VERY. Many things on the go and just the general craziness that is life with one who started school, one who started preschool, and one who started life.

I have a few big things to get off my plate before I think I settle into a less hectic state. Seriously, my floor is constantly unswept (I’m trying to teach E to do it), the laundry is constantly piled up (moreso than usual), the office floor is half covered in paper (I’m drowning in it), and there are tulip bulbs still to be planted.

But on the other hand, E is enjoying school, C is enjoying preschool, T is enjoying the Exersaucer, J in enjoying vball and I’m enjoying rehearsals. We are all enjoying church life and family life and FABULOUS sunny weather. We have even snuck in some holidays.

So, with that all being said, we have not dropped off the face of the planet. Rather we are starting to emerge from the newborn cocoon. He’s 5 months now and starting to sleep longer. It’s amazing how once that fog of sleeplessness starts lifting, life just starts coming together. Praise God for sustaining us! There will be much up and coming posting starting soon – I have so much to share! Pictures, videos, travels, recipes, crafts etc.

For today, please enjoy this video by Terry Kelly. And do not forget. Nov 11 is next week. It is so important for us to remember the sacrifices men and women make for our country. We cannot, as people, move ahead to create a better nation and world if we do not remember the fallen and learn from our past.

Wear a poppy, thank a veteran, and attend a ceremony. Make it a family trip and turn it into a tradition. Contact your local legion or municipal leaders to find a ceremony near you.


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