Things kids say

I just read this at O My Family and I was laughing, especially about the last one. I have girls so naturally that will be a real issue someday. But for now, they especially like those “convenience” dispensers in the public washrooms. It generally goes something like this:

Taps dispenser. What is this?” (things)

Pulls knob. What are these, mommy?” (things for people)

Pleading look. “Who are they for? What do you do with them?” (they’re adult things)

Genuine concern. “Do you want one?”  (no thank you)

“I need one.” (no you don’t)

Examines diagrams. Can I have a quarter?” (no)

Sticks hand up the opening. “Look, I got one.” (leave it there.)

“Why, mommy?”

And that, my friends, is the child’s question for everything. Even when they are “out” of the why stage, they are always in the why stage. Because they are children and they are learning all the time.

Lord, let them be little and let us not try and make them grow up any faster.




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