National Cookie Cutter Week

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of National Cookie Cutter Week. Didn’t know there was such a thing? It’s one of those weird random “holidays” that you find out about by reading random magazines and following random blogs. I saw it in Real Simple’s Family magazine. I also happen to love making cookies in all sorts of shapes. So I’m going to make some cookies this week with my new cookie tree set. It’s J’s birthday (Happy Birthday, love of my life!) party on Sunday afternoon so I need a nice table centrepiece.

Also I’ve got ideas to do it in sugar cookies, ginger bread, and even Rice Krispie treats and make a little winter forest. I think we’ll decorate that this year instead of a gingerbread house. This is the Rice Krispie house (from Rachel Ray) we made when E was not even 2 and I was pregnant with lil C:

How cute and little is she!? And to think that now she’s a first grader. And lil C is even older than E here. And Mr. T is eating avocados. Boy it goes fast…

Anyway, I’ll attempt to do something with cookie cutters each day and post with pictures what I come up with.

What kind of holiday eats are you going to do this year?

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