Cookie Cutter as: Sandwich shaper

We’ve been having rough nights with Mr. T waking up a lot due to his cold and growth spurt, so the last 2 mornings J took E to school and let me sleep in while the other 2 kids were sleeping late. Thank you, love of my life! Yesterday, he did what I did last week and cut E a PB&J boy, so that counts as Day 4 of Cookie Cutter week. Today was CRAZY again so tonight I’ll post the cookie tree and other things…

PS: You moms of three (MOTHs) and four (MOFOs), do you ever get “back on track”? I feel like each day I get further behind in life! Some days it’s all I can do to get everyone fed and dressed and keep a moderate semblance of tidiness in the kitchen plus referee the sibling screaming.


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  1. Well, I’m not a MOTH or a MOFO – what’s a mother of six anyway??
    but I do remember being a mom of Three and I have always said it was the crazy busiest time of our lives. Really it does get better. Four, Five and Six are nothing compared with Three. I think you are doing great, and truth be told, I think you (and many of today’s moms) try harder than I did to keep your kids happy and entertained. We’ve never had a TV so my kids had to learn to play by themselves when I was busy. Of course, being on a farm made it much easier – they played outside a lot. I would try to encourage your kids to help you more. They can learn how to put away laundry and easy chores like that. It’s good for them to learn to help others when they are very young even when they don’t feel like it – it’s amazing how quickly that happens!

    • I guess you’re a MOSI! I’m glad to hear it gets better. I’ve heard that it gets different and that mostly it’s the physical day to day that gets better as they get less dependent on you for their physical needs. Then it gets mentally and emotionally tougher.

      I do have chores that they do like putting away utensils, setting and clearing the table, picking their clothes for tomorrow. Three year olds just have very short attention spans! My kids don’t watch a lot of TV, maybe a show every other day or less. THey spend a lot of time right now colouring and playing Barbies. It’s mostly the adjustment to school mornings and getting baby to be happy as he goes along with everything.

      Thanks for your comments, M, I really appreciate them!

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