Resurrection Eggs: Day 2

Today’s egg is for the scheme of Judas Iscariot with the Jewish leaders to betray Jesus. The egg contains a few silver coins:

please ignore my terrible photography...

We read the Bible passage from Matthew 26:14-16 and then talked about it. I printed a colouring page for the girls and they counted out and glued down 30 “pieces of silver”:

lil C insisted on an extra coin - can you spot it?

Finding a craft idea for this passage was not easy. I made this one up last year and just re-used it. The girls love glue, E loves to count, and it’s simple enough for lil C to do it without too help. I printed off some Roman coin drawings from here:

I cut them out for the girls and let them go to town with choosing which ones to use on their sheets. Since we did our devotional time right before dinner, we didn’t have a snack. Otherwise we might have had some chocolate coins, although finding ones wrapped in silver foil instead of gold might have been difficult!