Resurrection Eggs: Day 1

The first egg is for Palm Sunday and is the story of the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on a donkey. With my girls, we start with prayer and then open the egg. Inside Day 1 is a little donkey:

We read the Bible passage from Matthew 21:1-11 and then talked about it. Then the girls get to do a craft and some colouring and have a snack if it’s that time of day. Yesterday we made a donkey puppet:

The pattern and printouts are from DLTK’s Crafts for Kids – a great source of ideas! Another great source is Sermons 4 Kids – I’ve gotten lots of ideas and colouring pages from there. Last year E made palm fronds:

She actually took them to church on Palm Sunday that year and waved them around. It was very sweet, especially since we didn’t end up having a Palm Sunday sermon because we had a guest minister. E waved them in the lobby and one of the seniors said to her, “I was looking forward to a Palm Sunday sermon and was disappointed that we didn’t have one. But you just made my day!” Precious!

I was going to make cookies in the shape of palm fronds or donkeys, but when I was at Costco earlier that day, they had Palmiers on special so we had those instead:


J was off work early so he was home and helped the girls do their crafts. They really enjoyed that part (I’ve mentioned before how I don’t craft with my kids).

Then we hang up our work in their playroom on their art wire and look forward to tomorrow.